Avihay Levi

In 2014 We Started A Feature-Length Documentary,  “WISH TO LIVE

Having gone through the painful procedure of dialysis for 40 years and still standing, Avichai is nothing short of a medical miracle, and his story needs to be told the right way. Therefore, a heart-wrenching and a captivating documentary about his life was made, called “Wish to Live.” Narrated by Avichai himself and his sister, this documentary will keep the viewers engaged from beginning to end.


The Documentary

“Wish to Live” is a full-length documentary that’s all about Avichai and his long and exhausting battle for survival in a race against time. This unique project tells the story of his marvelous journey along with his family over the years. From the beginning, when he was first accepted into the transplant program, till the end, when there is only one solution left that could save his life and everything in between – the documentary shows it all in a tear-jerking yet inspirational manner. The fight, optimism, hope, and overwhelming emotions of his father, the highs and the lows he faced during this journey, and more – this film is a must-watch for everybody out there.

A true story narrated by the characters themselves, this film is incredibly inspiring. Not only will it keep you engaged, but it will also give you some incredible life lessons about family, love, strength, faith, fighting, and much more.  The brilliant ability of Avichai and his family to take everything with optimism and uncompromising faith will leave the viewers motivated to face life challenges with determination and courage.


Get Inspired Today!

The goal of this documentary is to enhance awareness about kidney diseases. It also aims to spread optimism, courage, determination, and willpower that make all the difference between living and dying.

The filmmakers created this documentary by following the family for more than 8 years, from Israel to Miami, to LA, and more. That’s because they firmly believed that Avichai’s life story was nothing short of a miracle. They found his journey to be incredibly empowering and inspiring, which deserved to be told.

This film beautifully depicts the distinctive way in which Avichai decides to go through life’s struggles, which is what gives him the strength and courage to get up every day.

With this film, the filmmakers are hoping to shed light on a disease that is still not talked about enough. They also aim to highlight several unconventional treatments currently lacking funding that, once completed, could give millions of people the chance to live!