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A Ride through Faith, Hope, and Fight!
“I wish to live because I love Life.”

Do you know what it’s like to fight for survival since the tender age of four?

Avichai Levy has been doing that for the last forty years – fighting to live! That’s because he loves life and wants to experience everything life offers. 

It is the story of a father and his son who embark on what seems an impossible journey. The son has a rare kidney disease, and the father tries to keep him alive. It is a lifelong struggle of a father and his son where they fight together with positive thinking and love to win this war against death. And guess what? They have succeeded for a long time, and that too against all odds!

Want to know all about this journey, which is a relentless story of the power of faith, hope, and determination? 

The Story of Persistence and Determination

Life’s unpredictable! You never know what’s waiting for you on the next corner.

Whether it’s a significant loss, a big success, or something else that you never anticipated – You can never be sure of what’s coming your way!

However, the one certain thing is that life keeps moving forward, and you must too. The right approach to dealing with life is what can make all the difference – and Avichai Levy has personified all that and much more!

Even a casual visit to a doctor can feel overwhelming, right? Now imagine living your whole life around doctors, hospitals, and whatnot! That’s how Avichai has lived his life! Diagnosed at the age of 4 with a rare kidney disease, Avichai has practically fought all his life to keep living. At 44, he has already undergone more than 200 surgeries, two failed transplants, and countless visits to doctors across the country to explore any possible treatment options available!

However, he is still not ready to give up! He and his father are still on this shared journey of the fight against death. They are hopeful that they will eventually unleash what it means to have strength and faith. They are committed to transforming this lifelong state of pain and struggle into that of joy and victory!

A Journey to Learn From

Avichai may be fighting for his survival right now, but he is not doing it just for himself. He is doing it for every individual out there who is going through similar challenges. He is doing it to help people find the right approach to fighting diseases, finding motivation, and believing in their strength. That’s why it’s essential to let the world know about his life journey.

After all, it’s an incredible journey with countless life lessons for people to learn and be inspired! To achieve this, Avichai’s father has transferred the struggles, the experiences, and the entire journey into books. 

The endless love and the tireless search for options to keep him alive led to a creative river that produced inspiring, motivating, and captivating books with remarkable happenings. “Wish to Live” are books that inspire hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to discover their love for life and the power of their strength, empowering them to turn pain into joy. 

Avishai Levy, Avichai’s father, wrote the journey of their lives. The endless love for his son and the tireless search for options to keep him alive poured into words. This is a story written from the heart of an anxious and loving father that captured the readers from the first to the last page. This agonizing journey of pain and hope reaches deep into the hearts of the readers, inspiring them to keep fighting no matter how tough the circumstances get!


Avichai was only four years old when he was diagnosed with a very rare kidney disorder. And so, at the age when little boys play the pretend game of fighting, Avichai began a real fight – the fight for his life that’s still going on after 40 long years.


“WISH TO LIVE” In 2014, they began filming a full-length documentary The Movie Having gone through the painful procedure of dialysis for 40 years and still standing, Avichai is nothing short of a medical miracle, and his story needs to be told the right way. Therefore, a heart-wrenching and a captivating documentary about his life was made, called “Wish to Live.” Narrated by Avichai himself and his sister, this documentary will keep the viewers engaged from beginning to end.

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