Wish To Live – Part 1



“I am very worried”, said the doctor,” that soon the child will develop kidney failure, you must be ready to start dialysis”
“I want to donate a kidney to my son”
“It’s unlikely right now”
A tear of fire began to appear in the father’s eye, and his dry throat fell into a sharp, stinging pain. Hugging his son warmly is the only thing he can do without looking into the child’s eyes
“We did not try everything? Did not you turn the child into a guinea pig? And you did not succeed in anything ”
“We drove the boy and ourselves, we traveled all over the country, we tried everything imaginable, what else” All my days I did not believe in spirits and demons or the evil eye, and here I was enslaved like a crushed slave to all these imaginations, strange women arranged me, fortune tellers went crazy And witches who lied to me, rabbis and healers, homeopaths and vegans, astrologers and reflexologists, all emptied my pockets, without bringing health to my son, and added a bureaucracy that sucks my blood

“How far, God, how far, how long?”

A loving and painful father tells with his sensitive pen and in his unique style the story of his son’s suffering and coping with kidney disease over many difficult years of despair and hope. Things that come from a cooked heart, and penetrate a sensitive heart

“Wants to Live”, is the first book by Avishai Levy, which is a sequel to his second book “Wants to Live” Part 2


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