Avishai Levi, Avichai’s father, has written 2 books recounting his family’s story throughout the years. The endless love for his son and tireless searching for options to keep him alive, have sprouted in a creative river giving birth to 2 profoundly inspiring and motivational reads. Emotionally captivating and full of incredible occurrences, “Wish to Live” were Israeli Best Sellers for several months and have inspired hundreds of thousands of people. When Tali came to know that the mechanical kidney research, that could finally give her brother a chance to survive, was lacking funding to reach the human trials, she decided to translate the books to spread the story around the world and to be able to donate part of the sales to the research. A mechanical kidney could mean that all patients around the world like Avichai, that have stopped responding to regular treatments and are only waiting to die, could finally get a chance to live. Please help us spread the word and collect funds to save Avichai and other terminal patients around the world.


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