Wish to Live (Part 1)

Wish to Live (Part 2)

About The Book

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Avishai Levy

Avichai’s life has been a constant struggle from age 4, and his father struggles with him through it all. He spent decades with his son visiting doctors across the country, going through treatments, finding new options, failed transplants, and whatnot. Waiting for long hours while his son underwent surgery after surgery, he transferred all this agony and pain into words, creating an inspiring and captivating book for people facing challenges.

Avishai Levy, Avichai’s father, wrote the journey of their lives. The endless love for his son and the tireless search for options to keep him alive poured into words. This is a story written from the heart of an anxious and loving father that captured the readers from the first to the last page. This agonizing journey of pain and hope reaches deep into the hearts of the readers, inspiring them to keep fighting no matter how tough the circumstances get!

It is a story about a fascinating life heard from the voice of an optimistic and tireless father, Avishai Levy. A story about a family’s journey of fighting against all odds with hope and strength. This story tells about giving people value in their lives and being thankful for everything they have. And above all, this is a true story of love, family, faith, and determination.   


Let’s Build a Better World Together

Kidney diseases are one of the biggest health challenges the world is facing right now. In fact, Chronic kidney disease killing more people than prostate cancer and heart disease ease year  dialysis and  kidney transplant those are the only solution. A lot of studies are currently being conducted to improve this situation and to replace dialysis with a more stable and better solution. 

Having endured the hardships of dialysis for 40 years, Avichai and his family offer support to these studies. Therefore, for every sale we make, we donate part to these studies as a contribution and support to this great cause.  



Wish to live part 1:

“I am very worried”, said the doctor,” that soon the child will develop kidney failure, you must be ready to start dialysis”
“I want to donate a kidney to my son”
“It’s unlikely right now”
A tear of fire began to appear in the father’s eye, and his dry throat fell into a sharp, stinging pain. Hugging his son warmly is the only thing he can do without looking into the child’s eyes
“We did not try everything? Did not you turn the child into a guinea pig? And you did not succeed in anything ”
“We drove the boy and ourselves, we traveled all over the country, we tried everything imaginable, what else” All my days I did not believe in spirits and demons or the evil eye, and here I was enslaved like a crushed slave to all these imaginations, strange women arranged me, fortune tellers went crazy And witches who lied to me, rabbis and healers, homeopaths and vegans, astrologers and reflexologists, all emptied my pockets, without bringing health to my son, and added a bureaucracy that sucks my blood

“How far, God, how far, how long?”

A loving and painful father tells with his sensitive pen and in his unique style the story of his son’s suffering and coping with kidney disease over many difficult years of despair and hope. Things that come from a cooked heart, and penetrate a sensitive heart

“Wants to Live”, is the first book by Avishai Levy, which is a sequel to his second book “Wants to Live” Part 2

Wish to live part 2 :

“Did you happen to see God on the way”? Asked ten-year-old Ariel, looking with his brown-black eyes at the wind, his lips muttering words of pleading

This is the story of a father (Aviran) in a crazy race against time to save the life of his son (Ariel) who suffers from kidney disease. The book describes the journey the two went through in 16 years in the race to get the kidney to Ariel who is struggling for his life in personal sacrifice, frequent visits to hospitals and meetings with magicians, rabbis hoping to receive a signal or give him and his son some rest

The book exposes us to a storm of emotions that the two go through during the journey, all those days without sleep and without knowing how Ariel will wake up if he wakes up and how out of the terrible pain and endless suffering, a strong and uncompromising love for life grows.

It is a life story of a father and son in their shared war of death, which will eventually reveal each of us his love for his own life, and allow us to move from a state of mourning, pain, and tears, to a state of joy

Did you happen to see God on the way? ” Asked ten-year-old Ariel, looking with his brown-black eyes at the wind, his lips muttering words of pleading

“Want to Live” Part 2, is Avishai Levy’s second book, which is a sequel to his first book “Want to Live”