Help us spread the word and collect funds to save Avichai and other kidney diseases patients around the world. We will be happy if you can be part of that and help us make it happen. all you need to do is to buy the books we committed to contributing a significant portion, and promote these studies until they are releases to the general public .

Bioartificial Kidney Research


The Kidney Project is a national research project with a goal to create a small, surgically implanted, and free-standing bioartificial kidney to treat kidney failure. The bioartificial kidney will give kidney failure patients new hope beyond the short-term solution of renal dialysis and the longer-term, but impermanent, solution of a living kidney transplant for which donor organs are limited. The research is close to first human trials where they will first test the function of the mechanical kidney outside of the body, hoping for positive results to then proceed and implant the first one soon. The kidney project is still in lack of a certain amount of funds and Avichai’s family is trying their best to be able to help by donating partial proceeds of the books.


Creating a bioartificial kidney - article The Kidney Project successfully tests